K9000 Twin 2.0

Suited to Car Washes, Pet Stores, Laundromats

  • Based on the Proven K9000 Design and Functionality
  • Ideal for outdoor/indoor application
  • Touchpad user Controls
  • MDB Vending interface
  • LED Lighting over tub
  • Multiple user payment options available
  • Seamless Cashless integration options with remote auditing available
  • Customisable Top Up payments (credit card & cash)
  • 4 x soap dispensing pumps PER SIDE ( 8 in total)
  • Two speed Blow Dryers (1 per side)
  • Onboard Hot Water options
  • Hair free non-slip floor
  • Maximum Visual Impact
  • Wash twice the dogs in the same time as one unit
  • No more waiting for customers with 2 x tubs available
  • Better ROI than 2 x single K9000 Units

The K9000 2.0 Twin uses Vending technology to seamlessly integrate various payment systems and unrivalled auditing control for the owner, providing a better ROI than purchasing 2 x single units.