World’s leading Self-Serve Dog Washing Machine Company

Whether you’re a dog owner wanting a better way to keep your fur baby clean or a business-savvy investor looking to dig up quick ROI, K9000’s got you covered! With more than 20 years in the global market as the Original DIY Dog Wash, we officially established manufacturing in the United States in 2016. Since then, we’ve built an amazing fanbase of customers and unit owners. With proprietary models and a full line of custom soaps, K9000 leads the pack in pet-grooming innovations.

Wagging Rights

Wagging Rights

  • • We’re the original
  • • All made in the U.S.A.
  • • Footprint spans dozens of markets across the nation
  • • More than 4,000 machines worldwide
  • • Built for customer convenience and long-term durability
  • • Affordable, efficient and effective!

No Fluff Machines

At K9000, we've developed three signature DIY Dog Wash models. Each machine is built to our extremely high standards and designed to accommodate any space or scenario.

Exclusive Soaps

Our proprietary line of K9000 products includes the world's best pet soaps, as far as we're concerned. Aside from assuring your pup gets thoroughly clean, there are even more benefits that pass the sniff test!

  • • Developed specifically for our machines
  • • Produces long-lasting scent, fluff and sheen
  • • Crafted with all pet-friendly ingredients
  • • Cost per wash averages less than 50 cents!
  • • Fast, convenient reorder process
  • • Plant-based and hypoallergenic