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Support FAQ

What are the power requirements for a K9000 Dog wash to operate?

K9000 machines require 208-240VDC, min 50 PSI water pressure (cold/hot), and a waste water drain. All of which is subject to your local code and regulations.

I have no water pressure at my wash gun?

Verify the machine has incoming pressure on the water inlet connected to the outside of the cabinet. Verify correct water pressure on the pressure gauge inside the cabinet. Listen for an audible click from the solenoid when the rinse cycle is selected. If no noise comes from the solenoid contact technical service.

Where do I order replacement parts for my machine?

You can order soap and various items on the website products page directly. If what you need isn’t listed, submit a request through the website contact form and a representative will assist you.

My credit card device isn't working or has stopped working?

If you have already gone through the initial setup and your device is not working, then contact Nayax support directly and they will help troubleshoot the issue.

Soap does not seem to be coming out of my machine?

Use a more aggressive setting on your wash gun such as fan or angle to really mix up the soap and water to make suds. Verify pumps are operating when a soap is selected on the keypad. If Pumps are operating, perform a pump bleed( use manual or follow sticker inside cabinet). Check for air bubbles in the soap jug suction line.

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