The K9000 Dog Wash is the World’s #1 sold Dog Wash Machine with over 2,000 units worldwide, the K9000 washes millions of dogs per year! In 2019, K9000 Dog Wash USA was formed in conjunction with the original Tru Blu K9000 from Australia, bringing 15 years of expertise in the dog wash industry to the states. We are proud to say that each K9000 Dog Wash Machine sold in the USA is proudly made and manufactured in Wilmington, NC!

The K9000 created a revolutionary new market for DIY Dog Washing that has changed the way people clean their dogs worldwide. Our simple, practical approach to providing a trustworthy and reliable product has been at the cornerstone of our vision. The keys to our sustained success are the quality of the experience for both the dog and dog owner coupled with superior durability and functionality that is built to last and provide substantial income for business owners.

Our passion for excellence and manufacturing capabilities provide K9000 Dog Wash USA a unique ability to innovate and evolve the K9000 Dog Wash machines. The refinement and evolution of the K9000 is the result of feedback from valued clients, paired with the wealth of knowledge from our K9000 team members.

The K9000 has proven to be successful in a wide range of industry placements, from its origins in the Car Wash industry, to pet stores, vet clinics, laundromats, RV & campgrounds, apartment buildings, hotels, dog parks and store fronts, and many stand-alone DIY dog wash businesses.

Not only do we build the world’s best DIY dog wash, we also back up our products with full after sales service and phone support, as well as, maintaining stock on all spare parts and consumables for all of our valued clients. We look forward to working with you!

The first K9000 installed in 2005 is still operating flawlessly to this day, creating hassle-free profits for its owner. The reliability of our fleet of models is at the heart of our reputation.

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