7 Reasons to Use a Self-Serve Dog Wash

As a pet owner, you’re probably no stranger to the struggle of keeping your mutt clean. 

But there’s a way for you to bathe your dog without making a huge mess of your bathroom and living quarters: the self-serve dog wash machine.

Advantages of Using a Self-server Dog Wash Machine

There are plenty of advantages to using a dog wash machine. In this post, we’ll explore seven of them in detail.

1. Avoid Making a Mess at Home

Who doesn’t dread having to clean the mess that dogs can make when scampering back home after rolling around in the mud? Of course, bathing them will leave them looking super clean, but there’s going to be mud and fur all over your bathroom.

This means you’ll have to spend an hour or more cleaning the bathroom tub, floors, and tiles. What’s more? You’ll have to put up with that lingering wet pooch smell too. 

A self-service dog wash machine can make your life easy, at least as far as bathing your mutt goes. You’ll no longer have to worry about all the bathroom cleaning and scrubbing. Most self-service dog washes provide the required equipment and resources to clean up after you. Simply walk out the door without giving the mess a second thought.

2. Give Your Back and Knees Rest

Bathing your dog at home entails standing or kneeling on the floor for a long time. This can lead to soreness in the part of the body being strained. Your back may feel locked into place or your knees may start aching. But with a self-service dog wash machine handy, you can bid adieu to these concerns. 

Modern self-service dog wash machines allow users to stand upright when bathing their furry mate. They’re essentially stationary stainless-steel units with ramps that allow your pet pooch to easily enter and exit them. This spares you the trouble of physically lifting up your dog and placing them in the bath, while also taking the pressure off of your body as you bathe them. 

Many dog wash machines come with an attached height-adjustable drying table to make it easy for you to transfer your pooch to it for drying. Wondering how you can make your life this convenient? Simply look for a dog wash machine for sale and order yourself one without thinking twice.

3. Get Rid of Drain Clogs

When bathing their dogs at home, pet owners have to deal with one major problem – a drain that’s clogged with hair. It’s important to keep your drain free of hair to prevent it from getting blocked, which can mean expensive plumbing repair bills.  

With dogs, even short-haired ones, you can expect a lot of hair shedding at bath time. If you bathe your mutt in a tub, the hair will end up getting tangled in the guts of the washer, breaking it down over time. 

We all know cleaning a clogged drain is no mean task. But a dog wash machine can see to it that you don’t go through all that trouble. So, a self-serve dog wash is your best bet if you’re serious about having clog-free drains in your home.

4. Your Pet Dries Quicker 

Drying a wet dog can take longer, especially if they’re furry. We wouldn’t be surprised if both you and your pet pooch ran out of patience. 

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to use a fast-dry spray to prepare your mutt’s coat before drying it? How about using professional dryers to radically reduce the drying time? Sounds sweet!

Drying your dog quickly will allow you more time to brush their coat. If you’re using a high-speed blow dryer that comes with a dog wash machine, you’ll also get the advantage of de-matting and smoothing your curly coat, leaving your furry friend looking and feeling great. What’s not to like here?

5. You Get to Use Professional Tools and Shampoos 

How many times have you purchased one of those expensive pet shampoos, only to lose it or realize later that something about it is “off?” Or does your furry friend take days to dry completely, thanks to their large size or fluffy coat? Or does your dog try to jump out of the bath mid-wash, leaving you worried about them getting injured?

If your answer to any of the above-mentioned questions is in the affirmative, you need a self-serve dog wash machine. It’ll provide you with access to all the professional tools and supplies your mutt needs to get clean, without you having to spend a fortune on items that are infrequently used.

6. Great for Pets with Anxiety Issues

If your pet dog has never been to the groomer’s before or tends to get anxious or nervous during bath time, it might help to slowly build their confidence by introducing them to a similar environment while in your presence. It’s bound to make your mutt feel safe and enjoy the experience more. 

Once your pooch feels comfortable with the setup, you can try a full bath and blow dry in a dog wash machine, while ensuring they’re stress-free and happy.

7. It’s Affordable

Let’s be honest about this one – there’s no pet parent in this world who takes pleasure in having to pay for the time of a dog bather to clean and dry their dog. But when you use a dog wash machine, you’re essentially using your own time, which can turn out to be much cheaper. 

Plus, you need not spend on shampoos, soaps, sprays, dryers, and so on. So, there’s cost-saving on that front too. What’s more? Because you won’t have to put up with drain clogs anymore, you’ll save on plumbing costs as well. 

All in all, a self-service dog wash machine could be the solution you never knew you needed!

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Keeping your pet pooch clean is important for their well-being as well as for everyone around them. However, bathing a dog is no walk in the park and can be messy, if you’re doing it at home. Fortunately, a self-service dog wash machine presents a hassle-free solution to this issue, while helping you to save time, money, and energy. 

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