10 Simple Things to Do to Make Your Pet Mutt Happy

Dogs are considered man’s best friends. It really doesn’t come as a surprise that people love playing with them, and frequently end up adopting them.

As a pet owner, however, it is your responsibility to ensure your mongrels’ happiness. While different breeds may have different needs, here are a few time-tested tips that can come in handy for making your pooch feel on top of the world.

10 Tips to Make Your Pet Mutt Happy

1. Give Them Ample Exercise

Like humans, dogs also need exercise as it’s good for their physical as well as mental well-being. Things can get dull and boring for dogs when they don’t get the physical activity they need. And guess what bored dogs do? They invent their own fun, which often results in destruction, dirty floors, and such.

To channel your furry friend’s energy in the right manner, take them outdoors for brisk walks or swimming, or simply play fetch. When they’re tired, they can relax and cool off rather than feel hyperactive and anxious.

Take cues from your dog’s enthusiasm to figure out the kinds of activities they truly enjoy, and allow them to pursue these activities regularly.

2. Keep Them Well-Nourished

A healthy and balanced diet is key to keeping your dog fit and active. But because each mutt is different, there’s no set principle for what to feed your dog or how often to feed them. However, you need to ensure that you’re giving them the food that’s right for their stage of life – puppy, pregnant/nursing, and adult.

Typically, it is suggested to give your dog a mix of dry and wet foods. Dry foods are supposed to be better for their teeth, while wet foods provide hydration. This can be especially helpful if your dog doesn’t drink a lot of water throughout the day. It’s also a good idea to seek recommendations from your vet about the best food for your dog.

While commercial dog food shouldn’t be a problem, you can also try preparing some easy homemade treats for your pooch. This way you’ll know exactly what they’re eating, and that can be quite comforting for a pet parent.

3. Increase Play and Walk-Time

It’s no secret that dogs need to be taken out for a stroll. Many pet parents do not realize the importance of doing so.

Going for walks is one of the favorite activities among dogs, regardless of their breed, age, and size. A lot of pet parents consider these walks as toilet breaks, but there’s more to it.

If you really want to make your mutt happy, set aside some time to take them for enjoyable walks on a daily basis.

Further, if your pooch gets along with other dogs, try arranging playdates for them. If not, don’t worry – many dogs enjoy playing with humans too. Consider playing a game of hide-and-seek or chase. Experiment to understand which games and toys make your dog happy.

4. Appreciate/Reward Good Behavior

Having a positive relationship with your dog is important to their joy. This is where praise, both verbal and physical, can play a big role. Appreciation is a great way to show your dog how much you cherish them, and also works in positive reinforcement training.

Establishing a healthy bond with you and receiving praise and rewards will almost always result in better obedience compared to teaching them through shouting or punishment. Sometimes, pet parents stop showing appreciation after the dog’s training phase gets over. But, do try and continue to praise them so that you and your pooch enjoy a stronger bond every day.

5. Provide Doggy Toys and Chews

Gnawing at, chewing, and destroying toys is normal canine behavior. In an effort to have a good time and express their instincts, your pet pooch might end up tearing things to pieces. This shouldn’t bother you as long as they’re playing safely. But be sure to get them toys that are safe and durable (preferably free of stuffing).

Apart from chewable toys, you can treat your mutt to edible chews. In general, dogs enjoy the act of chewing, so buy some appropriate options. Chew toys that can be stuffed with food can get your dog super excited. Edibles, such as chewable sticks and bones, can help keep their teeth clean while enabling them to have a great time.

6. Bathe Your Dog at Regular Intervals

Not all dogs are fans of baths. In most cases, this is because of an incorrect introduction to bathing. Once your mutt learns to enjoy bath time, they’ll have a lot of fun whenever you bathe them.

Needless to say, a clean dog is much happier than a dirty one. So, it’s important that they’re bathed at regular intervals. If you’re not sure how to give your dog an enjoyable bath, don’t worry. Help is at hand in the form of revolutionary new DIY dog wash machines.

These self-serve dog wash machines employ a simple, yet practical approach to cleaning your mutt. Not only are they easy to use, but they also deliver on their promise of providing a quality experience for both the dog and the pet parent.

The best thing about these dog wash machines is that they’re high in functionality and durability. They’re built to last and can provide substantial income, in case you decide to start a dog wash business. So, the next time you come across a dog wash machine for sale, make sure to give it serious thought!

7. Talk to Your Mutt

Pet parents have the huge responsibility of decoding the gestures of their pets and rewarding them for showing desired behaviors. Dogs are sociable by nature, and love communicating through body language, and sometimes through vocalization (although this can differ from dog to dog).

Think of talking to your dog as communicating with a baby. By exaggerating your speech and modulating your voice, you can help our pooch understand your language better. This is also called dog-directed speech.

Remember, your dog might take a while to perfect certain aspects of communication, while quickly adopting some other ways. The key is to observe the way your dog speaks to you. This will help you find a way to talk back to them.

8. Allow Your Dog to Make Choices in Their Day-to-Day

Everyone loves their freedom, and dogs are no different. With this in mind, allow your dog to make choices in their daily routine to make them happy. Find small and safe ways they can make decisions.

For instance, let them pick the direction to go in during your evening walks or choose a toy from their basket. But be careful at all times. If you’re considering taking them off leash, do so only where it is legal and safe.

9. Try Giving Them a Massage

While it’s true that humans love a good massage, dogs aren’t far behind. A massage can go a long way in easing their anxiety, improving blood circulation, and strengthening the bond between you both.

Before you begin massaging them, pet your dog all over and talk softly to relax them. Use a flat palm to massage them in long, sweeping motions, starting from the top of their head, moving to the neck and muscles, and down to the base of the tail and hind legs. Move on if they don’t like any area being touched.

10. Never Stop Training Them

Even if you think that your pooch has mastered the basics of all there is for them to learn, don’t stop training them.

Training is an exciting way to entertain and challenge your dog’s brain. It also helps reduce their frustration and confusion because the more they learn, the more confident they feel.

Regular training sessions also mean your dog gets more undivided attention from you – something they can never get enough of.

Wrapping Up

One of the biggest joys in a pet parent’s life is to see their dog happy and healthy. Fortunately, it doesn’t take much to add joy to your pooch’s life. The above-mentioned 10 points will throw ample light on how you can make it happen.

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