Quick Guide to Using a Dog Washing Machine

Dog washing machines can make keeping your dog clean so much easier–we’ve written before about the many reasons you should use a dog washing machine and why caring for your dog’s coat is so important. So alright, you’re convinced–but how do you use a dog washing machine to the best effect? Never fear, the team at K9000 is here for you and we want to make the process as easy as possible. Here’s a quick guide to using a dog washing machine and getting the most out of it for both you and your pup.

The first step is to take a moment and familiarize yourself with the machine. Note where the controls are, the ropes for your dog are, and how you’ll get your dog in and out of the machine. A moment now can save some confusion later and help you get the most out of your time with a dog washing machine. 

Next, you’ll want to get your dog safely and comfortably onto the washing platform. The gate to the platform opens easily–just pull the latch as indicated and presto! The K9000 washing platform is mounted at the optimal height for most domestic dogs, so your pooch should be able to get on and off with minimal help from you. Once your dog is in place, attach their collar to the tether on the back wall of the washing platform in order to keep them secure during the washing process.

Then comes payment. The yellow payment panel is located to your right and accepts either cash or credit/debit cards. This is when you’ll select how much time you’d like on the dog wash machine–generally, 10 minutes is enough to wash an average size dog. Once payment is complete, you can move on to washing your pooch.!

The controls on the K9000 Dog Wash are located on the top half of the right-hand panel. Arranged like the slices of a pie, they’re easy to follow: Just start with the shampoo setting and move around clockwise! You’ll wash your dog using the spray handle–just push the gold button to activate it and the machine distributes shampoo, conditioner, or just plain water automatically depending on the cleaning step you’ve selected. The water is automatically heated to the perfect temperature for washing a dog, ensuring both cleanliness and comfort. While all of our products are dog friendly, please be extra careful around your pet’s face, particularly their ears, eyes, and mouth/nose. 

After your dog has been shampooed, conditioned, and rinsed using the spray handle, it’s time to move onto the blower dryer. Easily identified as a black hose located to the right near the spray handle, the blow-dry attachment gently blows hot air over your dog’s fur in order to dry it thoroughly. During this step, you’ll be given the option of purchasing more time in order to ensure that your pup is nice and dry.

Once the final drying is complete, you can detach your dog from the tether and open the gate to let your dog off of the washing platform–don’t forget to reattach your own leash to its collar! As a final step, please close the gate and use the “disinfect tub” option to clean the tub/washing platform thoroughly. This courtesy step leaves the K9000 clean and hygienic for the next customer!

If you’re more of a visual learner, you can see a video demonstration of how all this works here. If you have any questions–or if you’re interested in investing in a K9000 Dog Washing Machine–please get in touch with us today!